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"How we Breathe affects how we think and feel, and we can change our breathing patterns, so that means we can change how we think and feel!"

- Mike

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After Mikes marriage ended in 2016, lost and curious, Mike spent a week with Wim Hof after hearing him on the Joe Rogan and Tangentially speaking podcasts. The Ice Man introduced Mike to Ice Baths, Climbing freezing cold mountains in only shorts and of course, breathwork. Mike was obsessed and ended up quitting his corporate job if 15 years and Walked Across Spain for El Camino then went onto traveling then around the world and starting a YouTube channel all about breathing.


Mike Maher is now the founder of TAKE A DEEP BREATH, a breathwork channel on YouTube and host of the Breathwork podcast BREATHCAST, Mike has trained as an Oxygen Advantage Instructor & Buteyko Practioner under Patrick McKeown, Mikes YouTube Channel has over 150 videos dedicated to breathwork, the channel is one of the largest in its field with over 85,000 subscribers and 10 million views, all of Mikes breathwork content is free and available for people to go and try.

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