Did you know that How You Breathe affects your...

- Stress Levels

- Your Sleep Quality

- Your Blood Pressure

- Even Your Sex Life

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What Are The Benefits of This Breathwork Course?

🛡️ Boost Your Immune System

🙏🏻 Relieve Anxiety, Stress and Depression

🔋 Increase Your Energy Levels

🧠 Improve Memory, Mood & Focus

🛌 Get Deeper, Restorative Sleep

🚴‍♀️Take Sport and Fitness to a Whole New Level

☀️ Improve Blood Pressure, Digestion & Lower Back Issues

What You'll Learn In This Course

  • Learn the 7 Essential Breathing Techniques needed for good health.
  • Discover Insights into your own 'Breath Health' see how you stack up and then by working weekly on this course, track your own health metrics to see your improvements.
  • Learn The Difference Between Good and Bad Breathing, It's only through education that you make sustained changes in your life.
  • Practice Weekly, I'll take the guesswork out of Breathwork and set you a program designed to improve your physical and mental health. I have designed specific exercises you can download and practice anywhere at any time.
  • Learn about the Science of Breathing and the benefits of different breathing techniques. By the end of this program, you'll know exactly which breathing exercise is for which need with your Breath Tool Kit.
  • Make Lasting Change, not only will you Learn WHAT, WHY and HOW of Healthy Breathing, I'll show you how to embed these techniques into the rest of your life.

What Do The Experts Say?

Roel is a Physiotherapist & BreathCoach


"I definitely recommend this course! I got it because I already listened to all Mike's podcasts and next to the great amount of knowledge, I really like his genuine and kind approach. And that’s what you get in this course as well. A very open and lighthearted host that brings to you breathwork (or breathplay like he likes to call it) in an accessible and professional way, but at the same time really goes into the core of the matter. It is compact and covers a lot of the spectrum and has great practical exercises that make you experience what is explained right away. If you want to get into breathing, definitely get this course!"

What Does This Course Cover?


👋 Welcome To Your Breath

In Module 1 we look at why we breathe, how that works, and the dangers of poor breathing. This is a great introduction that will set up the rest of this course.


👃 Your Nose

Your nose is the first line of defense against all the nasties in the air. In this module, we will look at the role of the nose, and the dangers of mouth breathing.


🛡️ Your Diaphragm

So many of us are 'upper chest breathing' due to poor posture and stress, the horrible irony is upper chest breathing causes more stress, Let's learn here how to breathe anatomically correct.


🦥 Pace & Depth

The faster we breathe, the less efficient we are, and to make matters worse, we then breathe even faster. In this module, we will learn the why and how of slower, more efficient breathing.


🧠 Creating Lasting Change

The most important thing is you remember what you learn in this course and then implement it, My wish is that everyone who takes this program makes a lasting change, let me show you how.


🥳 7 Essential Breathing Exercises

I'll take you through important and fun breathing exercises which you can download and keep forever.

We need to learn why we should breathe correctly and HOW through easy breathing techniques.


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This program is designed for people from all walks of life, especially if you have health conditions such as Asthma, Poor Sleep, Anxiety or High Levels of Stress.

Do you work in the Health & Wellness Industry? If you’re a Personal Trainer or a Yoga Instructor, Functional Breathing Essentials will help you improve your practice and your clients’ health. If you’re an Athlete, learning how to breathe will enhance your performance.

I designed this program after 5 years of study and practice, talking with the world’s leading experts on the science and practical application of functional breathing.

If you have a deep hunger for wellness and believe that nature can help unpick the issues that modern life is causing, THEN THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU.


" It's so rare to find a course that nails the science but also takes you through the application. I came in as a beginner but felt like a veteran on breathwork by the end. Really well taught and pleasantly surprised by how much has stuck  couldn't recommend highly enough "

- Scott Woods, Author & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hello, I am Mike Maher, I'll be your Breath Coach

I've been obsessed with Breathwork for over 5 Years.

I've built a YouTube Channel (TAKE A DEEP BREATH) dedicated to the power of Breathing.

I also host a podcast called #Breathcast where I have had the incredible privilege of interviewing the world's top Breathing Experts.

I built this course after learning how important it is to breathe correctly, and how damaging to our health poor breathing can be!

We should all know how to breathe the way nature intended. So, why not learn with me in just 5 weeks?

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What's Included In This Course?

  •  VIDEO TUTORIALS - Over 10 Hours of Online Guided Breath Training all filmed in HD.

  •  A DEDICATED HOMEWORK PLAN, I'll set you specific Exercises which you can practice each week.

  •  DOWNLOADABLE BREATHING EXERCISES - 10 Breathing Exercises, fully explained and guided, which you can download and keep forever.

  •  12 MONTH ACCESS TO THIS ENTIRE COURSE, Plus free updates to any new modules that are added.

  •  ONLINE COMMUNITY You can ask the creator questions and get answers from the wider community.

  •  MEASURE YOUR PROGRESS - Exercises so that you can measure your own Breath Health.

  •  PDF PLANNER DOWNLOAD, so that you can help make lasting change.

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